XBOX- Project Scarlet and Halo Infinite


We have already talked about Microsoft’s announcement about the XBOX Game Pass for PC ,  which was finalized at E3 a few days ago at the price of 9.90. In the same event, we have the first presentation for Project Scarlet, the new XBOX console that the company is currently preparing. Please see the presentation video below. Note that what you will see is essentially nothing more than a description of what the new console is going to feature; 8k resolution and 120fps, in other words, four times faster than XBOX One X. Somewhere in there, you will also hear that Microsoft has also discovered the SSD drives and will use them in the new model, expected in early 2020.

Microsoft did not pass up the opportunity to also present Halo Infinite. The company is probably trying to bring the successful Halo series back now that, as everything suggests, and given the new features, it is more capable than ever before. They are essentially going to employ 343 Industries in order to create the sequel to the game, revealing the return of the Master Chief.

Halo Infinite: Discover Hope will be launched alongside the new XBOX in early 2020. The game will, of course, be available for PC, thus catering to gamers who are not satisfied with console performance.

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