World Chess Armageddon – Day 7 – Live


Though this is the most widespread strategy game in the world, with millions of fans, chess has never been appealing to viewers on Live TV. And somewhere here is the World Chess Championship Armageddon Series. In a Virtual Environment with extensive use of technology and a format that will bring enough tension to the Games.

Eight Grand Master will compete 7 days in a Double Elimination championship, until only one remains. Each match will consist of two Blitz games with 3 minutes on each player’s clock, while 2″ will be added after each move.  If these two games do not declare a winner, the two players will advance to a third Armageddon game. 5 minutes for White and 4 minutes for Black, and after the 60th movement +2″ for each move. In case of a draw here the Black win the game.

This is the Players for the first Armageddon

Player Country
Vladimir Kramnik Russia
Teimur Rajabov Azerbaijan
Sergey Karjakin Russia
Ian Nepomniastchi Russia
Daniil Dubov Russia
Ernesto Inarkiev Russia
Boris Gelfand Israel
Wei Yi China


Another innovation, apart from Virtual Reality Studio, will be the live measurement of the heartbeats of each player during the game, which was tested in an unofficial fight between Magnus and Nakamura in 2018.

So far, we know about three TV channels that will broadcast the games live.

Match TV (In Russian)

Odnoklassniki (In Russian)

Sila TV (In Russian)

Twitch (in English)  (link to be provided shortly )


For more information visit Worldchess.


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