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What impressed me with the Vivaldi Browser is its versatility. This is a pretty fast Browser, and quite easy to organize active tabs, bookmarks, and history. It has a close relationship with Chrome, but a very different management of privacy and synchronization between devices. Let’s look at it in detail.


Vivaldi Browser is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and you can download the version you want from the official application page HERE.

Installation is simple and it has not caused us problems. With the Vivaldi’s first start, we see the welcome screen (For some reason, it is commonplace for programs to greet us, to say good morning or Welcome). We move on to the next step.

Here Vivaldi encourages us to insert Bookmarks, History and Passwords from the Browser we use most. It is optional, but we did import data from Firefox. To complete the process, Firefox should not be active.

Then we proceed to select a theme. Here we will not find a great variety, at least not on default options. But there are two dark themes that we tried.


Then we select the location of active Tabs. As we work on a fairly large screen we test the left side, which gives us a thumbnail of the page.

Finally, it allows us to synchronize with various systems, where we probably have Vivaldi installed.

To enable this feature we need to create an account at Vivaldi Net. At the same time, we can create a free e-mail account.


The process of initial set up has been completed and we can now discover the quite interesting possibilities it offers us.


The very positive elements that we were impressed with are the Tab Stacks of active windows, the Notes that are also on the very useful right bar, and the excellent Web Panels.

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