Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – The New Update You Should Try


In April, as expected, Canonical announced the release of the new Long Term Support version Ubuntu 20.04. With Kernel 5.4, which according to the announcements increases both the speed and the security of the system, several users have already upgraded.

We have the updated Theme Yaru that we met in version 18.10, with the ability to easily customize with three options, Light, Standard και Dark

Behind the Yaru is the new Gnome 3.36. Without restricting users from changing their work environment, many choose it as it is the most established since version 17.10.

There are several improvements to the new Ubuntu 20.04 version. An important observation is that we have less CPU usage which makes it quite comfortable on smaller computers and is likely to interest several new users. For more advanced users, integrating WireGuard is definitely something that will satisfy them.

For those who want to try Ubuntu 20.04 they can first download the iso file from the official link HERE, and then follow our guides

VirtualBox – Install any Linux Distribution you Want Within Windows

Create Bootable Live Persistent Linux USB


Τα Release Notes for All Official Ubuntu Flavors


We are waiting for comments and impressions


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