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Secure email for everybody.


With users gradually realizing Google’s incredible engagement in their digital life, they are necessarily looking for solutions away from the services of a company they do not trust. This has paved the way for several small companies to develop software that specializes in protecting their privacy on the Internet. Tutanota moves with the same context. A small German company offering Secure email services with End-to-End Encryption.

Secure email Tutanota

Tutanota, although a small company, is growing fast and is now considered a fairly safe alternative to Gmail. The service has email client apps available for iOS and Android, a fast enough web client, and has recently launched a Beta Desktop Client for Mac, Windows and Linux. The service is available free of charge for one account with some restrictions, but also offers some Premium Packages.

Tutanota Pricing

I highly recommend that you try the service while personally I found the Premium package excellent at a very reasonable price. Visit Tutanota, create a free account and tell us your opinion.

The company has several plans for the future, already having a Roadmap for improving services but also a possible expansion to new services. We hope a Code City member will soon visit Hanover’s Tutanota plant and discuss with the development team on the important issue of protecting personal data, company services and future plans.

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