Stadia by Google

A Revolution in Online Gaming?


A few days ago we went through Google’s scheduled presentation of Stadia at GDC. The company announced that Stadia, the new online cloud-based gaming platform, will be presented within 2019.

A few months ago, we saw a demo where selected users were able to play Assasin Creed. It is certainly a very ambitious plan as, according to Google, you do not have to use an expensive PC or console for Stadia. Chrome Browser is enough on any device, regardless of the operating system or processing power, graphics card, even for the most demanding of games.

How it Works

The entire structure of the platform is based on an extensive network of Google’s Linux  Based Servers. The company claims that it will be able to cover all the processing power required and the user will simply stream the video. Their expectations are that it will be able to deliver 4K resolution at 60fps. The only condition will be a good Internet connection. Practically, we believe it will start with something less. The project is undoubtedly going to be a game changer if Google finally carries it out.

Along with the announcement came the controller accompanying the service.

Capturing and distributing gameplay directly to YouTube in 4K resolution will also be a possibility, while Google Assistant will be activated to help you with a game with just one click. Featuring a built-in microphone, directly connected via WiFi to Stadia’s Server network for covering commands delay problems given by the controller, Stadia starts to sound all the more appealing.

Another brand new service will also appear on YouTube. If you see a game you like in a video on YouTube, there will be a Play Now option that opens the Stadia service and redirects you to the game!


All of these features seem particularly difficult. The processing power required to cover millions of players cannot be estimated as of yet since the testing process has been reduced to only some thousands of users. Having said that, to think that you can play such demanding games on your mobile and, a Chromecast, stream it straight to your TV, or simply with an Android TV box of $ 50-60 is quite revolutionary.

Let’s be Patient, shall we?

According to Google, the service will be available in America, Canada, the United Kingdom and selected countries in Europe in 2019. They have not announced prices for either the subscription to the service or the controller. We also expect to see announcements about the first games that will be available through the platform. We will keep track of developments on something that looks very ambitious. What we can be sure of is that if there is anyone that has the resources to do this, then it is Google. For those wanting to visit the Stadia Blog, the official service page (NOT available in all countries) is already open. All we can do is have a little patience.

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