Spider-Man Returns to PS4 with a Swing


Spiderman for PS4 has come out and topped sales charts in 2018 as the fastest selling game. The long-awaited title has turned a lot of heads in E3 2018, and for a good reason. With fast-paced gameplay, beautiful colors and breathtaking graphics, the latest game featuring the beloved friendly neighborhood superhero was almost certain to be a success; we just didn’t know how far it would go in the beginning.

Within just five days after the release, the latest hit from Insomniac has become the fastest selling game for 2018, taking the crown from both Dragon Quest XI and the latest Destiny 2 expansion, Destiny 2 Forsaken. All these bring Spider-Man to the top of the Marvel Superhero Videogames chart, topping the Lego Marvel Superheroes. However, it still wasn’t able to beat the Dark Knight with Batman. Arkham Knight is still holding the top spot for the fastest selling Superhero Game ever (although Arkham Knight was available on multiple platforms).

With stellar reviews from critics and gamers alike, we are expecting to see much more from Spidey now, and in the future.

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