Spider-Man PS4 Has a Well Hidden Suit

ESU Suit in Spider-Man for PS4


Spider-Man has made quite a return in the video games world, with the latest title for the PS4 dominating the charts in the month of its release. While the game has a ton of gear and suits, there is one that is somewhat better hidden than the rest.

The 28th suit does not appear in the suit menu and is pretty easy to miss. You can, however, get it pretty early in the game. How early exactly?- as soon as you get your hands on the camera feature. To unlock the suit, you will need to locate 50 secret Photo-Ops in the game, similar to the landmarks. These, though, do not appear on the map, but you can still get a location on your minimap if you have a max leveled suit Modification. When you find and capture all the Secret Photo-Ops, you will be awarded the ESU Suit, where Peter Parker is wearing his Spider-Man mask with his college t-shirt and jeans. Even though this suit does not feature a special power, it is quite fun to see Spidey go casual every once in a while.


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