Recuva File Recovery


Recuva is a very useful File Recovery tool with several capabilities which are even found in its Free Edition. Piriform, a London-based company, developed Recuva alongside the well-known CCleaner. From 2017 onwards, the company passed into the hands of Avast.


Recuva’s functions are divided into two parts. File Recovery and Secure File Deletion. We can either choose to fully scan the disc for deleted files

or even search for a specific file. It can retrieve files from corrupted or even formatted disks, as long as there is no new record on the file that we want to restore. It has the ability to retrieve data from internal as well as external drives, USB, Memory Cards, e.t.c.

An interesting additional feature is the safe and permanent deletion of files. Recuva allows us to choose a level of security that reaches the standards of the Gutmann method.

  • Simple overwrite (1 pass)
  • DOD 5220.22-M (3 passes)
  • NSA (7 passes)
  • Gutmann (35 passes)

It’s a very good tool that everyone should own. However, we expect Avast to support and upgrade it as it seems to have left it aside focusing solely on its flagship app, CCleaner.

Recuva - Image and File Recovery
 Please download the Portable version from here

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