Razer Kraken Tournament Edition and Mamba Wireless

Presented at IFA 2018

During the IFA presentation of 2018, Razer announced three new peripherals; the Razer Blackwidow Elite that we went through yesterday, the new Kraken Tournament Edition as well as the Mamba Wireless.
The new Razer Kraken Tournament Edition continues the tradition by the Kraken 7.1 V2 headset with the added features of THX, allowing you to tweak your audio balance and bass between chat and gaming. It features a USB audio control box and an extra pair of earcups. The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition will be available in September at the price of 100 €.

The new Razer Mamba Wireless is the new wireless mouse from Razer. Anyone who remembers the original model knows that it was also wireless. However, the latest version features an extended battery life, bringing it up to 50 hours (from the original 20). It also features new and improved ergonomic side grips, and the same onboard memory/ cloud storage for your profiles, along with the Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT) from the Razer Lancehead to optimize your connection to your PC.

Its price range is expected to be 100€ and we are waiting for the release within the next few weeks.

Source  https://gameworld.gr


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