Razer BlackWidow Elite


Razer is about to release three top-notch products, one of which is the brand new Blackwidow keyboard. In reality, it won’t add something surprisingly new but minor changes in life quality when compared to the previous model . The keyboard will have fully programmable keys that can adjust the volume or be set to different functions, which could come in particularly handy for users. With the addition of local memory, you will no longer have to save your settings in Synapse. Suffice it to say that the option for Cloud Storage will not be removed.

Other than that, the keyboard is generally similar to its predecessor, with just the small addition of sidewalls, giving it a better hold. The classic Razer colours (green, orange, and yellow combined with black) will be available for the new model.

Razer Blackwidow Elite will be sold at the price of 180€

Click here to order. For a limited amount of time, shipping to Europe for orders over 90€ will be free of charge.

Source: https://gameworld.gr

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