PS5 Presentation


A little patience my friends. The PS5 is coming soon, most likely Christmas (we won’t be tying any dates yet). A few days ago, Sony held the unveiling ceremony and certainly won the impressions. Great design, definitely the most interesting I’ve personally seen on PlayStation.

We will only briefly mention a few facts. The PS5 will come in two versions. The first will include an Ultra HD Blue-ray Disk Drive, while the second, and probably the cheapest version, will be Digital Edition, for those who are not interested in buying Hard Copy games.

DualSense is impressive, with a built-in microphone and speaker

The list of games that will accompany the PS5 is large enough and will be available when it hits the market, along with the refreshing of some quite successful games, so that they can take advantage of the upgrades..

PS5 Games 1
PS5 Games 2
PS5 Games 3


PS5 Games 4

The list is sure to grow until the day the PS5 is available on the market. But the prices of the games may be more expensive than they are today. The same goes for consoles, although the price has not been announced yet. What is certain is that PS4 sales will now be limited and their price will gradually fall (quite a bit in used ones).

Those who wish can watch the entire presentation as it was broadcast live

More information on its official website PlayStation

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