Project ‘Yeti’ from Google at the GDC


We have already mentioned in previous articles that Google is casting its net wide in everything going down online in an attempt to be ahead of technological developments. It seems to be closing failed projects in order to invest in potentially more lucrative ideas. It was not surprising that the company will introduce something brand new at GDC (Game Developers Conference) next March. Rumors want Google to present Project ‘Yeti’.

What is Project Yeti?

Let’s go a bit back in time, shall we? October 2018. Google announces Project Stream. The company wants to test a new technology that will allow users to play demanding games only through Chrome. In collaboration with Ubisoft, it launches Assassin’s Creed Odyssey®  for a limited number of users. The test was conducted only with US users, and it was apparently met with success, according to Google.

Rumor has it that Project Yeti is going to be the continuation of Project Stream. It is likely that the company does not only want to present a Game Streaming platform, but also provide the relevant equipment. Cloud game platforms not necessitating download are not something new. Sony’s PS Now as well as Nvidia’s GeForce Now have already paved the way. Chances are that Google may also want to consider creating such a device, given that a large percentage of users would prefer to play games on a big screen rather than on their computer. Probably the company may attempt something similar to Nvidia Shield, or the older Nexus Player (2014).

Google’s presentation is scheduled for the second day of the conference, on March 19th. Besides Google and its announcements, we recommend that you watch any of the other GDC‘s speeches and workshops. As far as I am concerned, this is the most interesting conference on games and software development.  Speeches on mathematical models employed for modern games development, for instance, will really be worth your time and attention.

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