Possible Problems Real Debrid


What to do when it doesn’t present any Real Debrid links or finds them but just skips them

If your subscription has not expired, you have not entered two different IPs simultaneously- in which case your RD would block your account-, there is no temporary problem on the RD server, and links are available for the specific movie/series you are looking for, then you have to follow the steps below:

a) you should have the latest versions of URLResolver dependencies (https://github.com/tvaddonsco/tva-resolvers-


and ResolveURL


b) Reauthorize your RD account in URLResolver and ResolveURL

c) Reset function cashe from URLResolver and ResolveURL settings

d) Clear cashe/clear providers (from the settings of each addon you are using)

e) Disconnect from VPN

f)  Finally, restart Kodi

Note: Please remember to activate the function ”Enable Debrid Providers” from the Neptune Rising addon settings in order to get RD links.

Special thanks to Babis Arvanitidis


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