Free PC Performance Monitoring


We all know the Performance Monitor offered by Windows 10. It’s a pretty good tool to see what’s going on in our computer, especially if we’re seeing some problems.

Here’s how you find the Performance Monitor:

    1. Press Start and Search “Performance Monitor”
    2. Press Start + R to open the Run window and type perfmon

Many think, of course, that the simple user is quite complex and inadequate. On the other hand, a very simple and easy PC Monitor application is CAM from NZXT

The screen gives us some useful features such as CPU and GPU temperatures along with fan operation, processor and memory operating frequency and loading rate. See all the basic functions below:

There are plenty of options, but be careful with Overclocking- it isn’t recommended to everyday users.

An additional feature useful to Gamers is screen floating during gameplay with data info about FPS as well.

Try the application from the official NZXT site.

NZXT is continuously improving CAM while it already has an upgrade ready in beta



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