Netflix Price Increase in Europe, the Middle East and Africa


Netflix announces that it is pushing up prices in some countries of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). It will increase the standard package by € 1 and the premium by € 2. However, the basic package will stay as is for now. The new prices will be valid starting June 20 for new and old subscribers. Those who have already subscribed to one of the packages that will be increased will be informed by mail before renewing their subscription. Note that the quality and number of simultaneous viewing devices will not change for each program.

This move was expected after the rise in prices in America but also in major European countries. It is clear that Netflix is gearing up to address the problems that both Disney’s and Apple’s new subscription service will create. It will, therefore, need to invest in more productions and services before new competitors gain more ground in its leading field.


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