Netflix Bound to Sprinkle Us With a Thriller ‘Perfume’

'Teutonic Bleakness' At Its Best!


Here’s a riddle for you: What happens if we mix the romanticism of the approaching winter festivities, with a little bit of ‘German gloominess’ and ‘True Detective’?
But, of course, the upcoming series of the German production: ‘Perfume‘, released by Netflix on December 21. Here’s the newly launched trailer:


If the title rings any bells, you’d be correct, for it actually draws inspiration from the same book, that is the 2006 homonymous film “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer“, starring renowned actors such as Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman. The book’s original manuscript was by German Patrick Süskind, so the story goes back to its original spiritual homeland as a TV series inspiration.
However, the series is not content with just transferring the book’s vision from France of the 18th century like the film did. Instead, it’s bent on taking us on a detour to contemporary Germany, with a mystery that begins with the murder of a young girl. The authorities find themselves perplexed finding her with her glands removed with surgical accuracy.The investigation then continues, leading to the discovery of practices of individuals that are obsessed with perfume production and how it manipulates human instincts. As a result, this drags the central characters into the vortices of human psychosis.
Netflix continues with the ‘barrage’ of non-English shows, particularly German series with a dark atmosphere, like last year’s ‘The Dark’ and the upcoming ‘Dogs of Berlin’, which is going to be on the 7th as of next month.

So, here’s a nice, cold, ‘thrilling’ winter, accompanied by a new ‘Perfume’ season, of six episodes!


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