Default Settings Recovery of the MXQ Android TV Box


Today we will revise the default settings recovery of an Android TVbox and more precisely of the MXQ model. We will go through deleting the settings we applied so as to reach the original state of the Android TVbox.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to Settings/More settings/Backup & Restore. Choose Factory Data Reset


Once it restarts, the following image will pop up on the screen:
Reset has begun.

It will then restart again and the following image will appear on the screen:
Restore has started.

When the yellow bar is done loading, it will restart and reset asking us to set the IP address, screen resolution, e.t.c.

2. Now, you can apply the ”toothpick technique”  or use a small screwdriver that fits into the AV port.

After plugging the HDMI cable, press continuously the small-almost-hidden-button attached on the AV port, then please plug in the power supply cord.
Press continuously until the following image appears on the TV.

Go to wipe data/factory reset and click OK.

Once the following image appears on our screen, we have to choose yes-delete all user data and click OK.

After this, you will see the following image. Click OK on reboot system now.

We must not cut off the power supply until the aforementioned process is completed in two steps.
The same process applies to default settings recovery of other Android TV Boxes with the same operating system, such as M8S.



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