Mag WiFi setup


In this article we presented the list of compatible USB WiFi adapters for all MAG models.

Here’s the steps to follow to connect MAG to your router via USB WiFi antennas.

Once the Infomir logo appears at startup of MAG


Wait for the message prompting you to press the Menu key on your remote control. Read this article to find out where the Menu key is located depending on your remote control

Pressing the Menu key on the remote control will display the Embedded portal, the Portals you have added, and the System settings.

Select System settings

Choose Network

Choose  Wireless (Wi-Fi)

If the USB WiFi antenna is not connected or is not compatible with the Mag a message will appear, like the one in the following image

Choose Auto (DHCP)


If your USB WiFi antenna is compatible, you will see all the available WiFi networks.


Fill your WiFi network settings. Press the KB key on your remote control to display the virtual keypad to type in the key or Passphrase and then press the KB key to close the virtual keypad. Finally, press the OK button to save your settings


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