How to Fix Dropped Frames on Kodi


It seems that Android and amcodec accelerator in Kodi are not compatible. This is a problem affecting all modern Tv boxes with an amlogic processor. In this guide, our friend John Badouvas  talks us through a fix for this problem, so that we may keep our box after all. Not supporting amcodec accelaration has led to playback issues, dropped frames or green lines.

We tried the above on Beelink GT1 ultimate.


SD card preparation

Click here to see how you can tweak your SD card using the right application.

With the same application, we can configure an SD card with LibreElec so that our Tvbox recognizes it.

It’s highly recommended that you install LibreElec on the SD card and boot from the SD card to Kodi.

The result surprised us positively; unrivaled performance as all the resources are fully controlled by LibreElec, leading to a great experience.

Choosing the correct files


Download files from here:

For Tvboxes with a S912 processor:

Releases :
Device Trees :

For Tvboxes with a S905 processor:

Releases :

Device Trees :

Make sure the device trees are using the rooter’s network speed and not that of your Tvbox.

Whatever bandwidth your Internet provider gives you, it all comes down to your router. The router handles the actual bandwidth of your home network. In case you still have the same router that came from your internet provider, there is a great chance your home network’s bandwidth is limited to the maximum the rooter can handle. Be advised that even if the box has a 1gb network card, that won’t change a thing. If you wish to have the maximum available connection speed to your box, you should consider a LAN connection and not WiFi. If the router is not at close range, there are solutions like power through LAN kits.

Also, please make sure you download the correct file name in device trees.

If you have a Tvbox with 2gb RAM, download gxm_q200_2g.dtb; if you have 3gb ram, download gxm_q200_3g.dtb.
If you insert the wrong device tree, LibreElec won’t load.

In case you have the beelink gt1 ultimate and you have the impression that it runs with 3GB ram, then welcome to the club of fake RAM! Do not try to load the gxm_q200_3g.dtb. Instead, use the 2gb version and you are set to go.

Librelec and device reboot

Additionally, in order to avoid rebooting using a toothpick on the AV port, just download this application which will restart your Tvbox and take you straight to LibreElec.

Return to Android with one button

If your Kodi build doesn’t allow you to Reboot from Nand, that is to return to Android, then all you have to do is go to skin and create a menu shortcut, shell -> menu configuration -> add object -> Custom Action -> Custom Item and type: System.ExecWait (“/ usr / sbin / rebootfromnand”, return).

Save and you’re good to go.

We repeat this process whenever we want to go back to Android

The SD card has to be on our Tvbox permanently.

Note that this solution does not affect our Android operating system and we do not risk losing applications or data. The whole process affects the SD card only.

It’s something worth experimenting with as it upgrades the whole Kodi experience; check John Badouvas ‘s beelink to get a first taste.


Acestreams in LibreElec

How to insert Acestreams in LibreElec Amlogic 905 & 912 (the link is the same).

First of all, we need to have ssh access enabled in LibreElec and connect a computer to the same network.
If you’re using a Windows PC, then download PuTTY from here.

If you’re using a Mac, just open the terminal.

Watch the video below to see how to connect to a server using PuTTY


For Mac, please run the following command:
ssh -l root @ “TheIPtLibreElec” Password: libreelec)
the default credentials of libreElec are:

username: root
pass: libreelec

Then, please run the following simple commands, one at a time:

cd / storage

curl -LO…/AcestreamS905/Acestream_S905x.tgz

tar xopf Thisream_S905x.tgz


NOTE: If you get the following error: “tar: can not remove the old file” .kodi / userdata / addon_data / Is a directory “

you should execute the following command:
rm -rf /.kodi/userdata/addon_data/



rm -f Thisream_S905x.tgz


Once it reboots, we are ready to enjoy Thisreams without any problems.

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