How to Use the Live Button on Xiaomi Mi Box S Remote Control


In today’s article we will see what the reason for having the Live button on the Xiaomi Mi Box S Remote Control.


With Live button, you can go directly to IPTV channels with the necessary application and the setting of what we will explain below.

You can find several IPTV channels by searching for a m3u or xml iptv list in the Puffin browser or any other used.

Do not forget to enable Third Party App Installation, as we describe in this article.


Let’s make the settings step by step

The first thing you need to do is search the Tvirl app on the Play Store and install it. This application exploits and configures the Xiaomi Mi Box Live Channels application.


First you need to add the  m3u or xml list that the app support.

Choose Tvirl as your source

Select Setup playlist

In the Add playlist select Url

Select Playlist URL and then Continue

Write   your URL List and select Continue

In order to have the correct information for each channel, you need to configure your XML for the EPG.

On the Playlist Configuration select EPG Resources and then Continue

Select EPG resource and then Continue

At the Add EPG resource select EPG archive URL and click Save

Do a search on Google or your favorite search engine for EPG  URLs to perform your tests.

Write the URL for EPG and click Save.

The App will start downloading the info and logo for the channels on your EPG.

Select Finish 

Είστε έτοιμοι να απολαύσετε τα IPTV κανάλια σας.

Hold the OK Button at your remote control and you will see the list of the available channels. At the side you will find the most recent channels you visited.

If you keep hold the OK Button some extra features will appear like Settings

Inside Settings you will find Customize channel list

There you can customize your Channel List

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