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A Strong Password Manager


The strongest Password Manager is our mind. I can confirm this after many years of research on this topic. The truth is, nonetheless, that the digital age has made us a bit paranoid. Our whole life is centered around codes; passwords for our bank account, Social Media, tax office, mobile phone, or subscriptions, to name only a few. Unfortunately, a mistake we often make is using the same password everywhere. It is quite reasonable to use complex codes safeguarding our privacy online, however, the more complex they are, the more difficult it gets to remember them. The next solution could be a note reminder under our desk. However bizarre it may sound to you, it is indeed one of the most common ways to remember and keep track of all ur passwords (but, no, this is far from a solution to the problem). LastPass ,on the other hand, is a great and straightforward Password Manager that will make your life a tad easier.

How it Works

The first thing we need to do is create an account on LastPass.


Here, we will need to insert a strong enough password, but, in fact, it will be the only one we will have to remember later. Beyond this, we can install the corresponding Browser Extension. The rest is pretty simple.

LastPass can help organise all of the Passwords from our system or enter one at a time when we sign in. It allows us to create and save strong passwords, while it inserts them for us automatically when logging in. All encryption codes are stored on our computer and are not transferred to the Company’s Server. An interesting service is Vault, by use of which we can organize all the pages and accounts we use on the same interface.

Admittedly, it is a very good option, perhaps the best one at hand currently, with its free version catering to most of the average user’s needs. Visiting the LastPass page, you will find the relevant links to download the application to your mobile phone.

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