Krita Painting App

Made Exclusively for Artists


Krita Painting is an incredible painting platform really inspired by artists for artists. Although its development as an application has gone through a lot, its history of about 20 years has now surpassed every expectation. It is one of KDE’s favorite Open Source apps.

Krita Painting is constantly evolving. The interface can be easily customized according to users’ preferences,

Krita Painting 2

is an ideal tool for both amateur and professional artists, and has been particularly loved by cartoonists.

It provides tools such as Brush stabilizers, Pop-up Palette, Brush Engine that are continuously updated with new features as well as a resource manager for importing brushes that other users have created. It’s now also supporting SVG and Animation

Krita Painting 3

It supports almost all formats, making it easy to use images with other applications as well. It comes in two versions, Krita Desktop and Krita Gemini , with Gemini being available only through Steam.

Analyzing all its potential here is quite difficult. But, besides tutorials you can find on YouTube, Krita’s creators have an extensive Manuals library that will help you a lot in your first steps. We strongly recommend this as we’re expecting some developments in 2019.

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