Kodi 18.2 Leia – A Complete Guide for All Addons – May Update


In a previous article, we talked about the upgrade of Kodi18.2 Leia. In this article, we will go ahead with the add-ons process. Several developers have upgraded their add-ons and their functionality is compatible with the new Kodi Edition. However, some add-ons may cause problems as they are not updated.


One of the assets of Kodi is the ability to install Add-ons. These are small scripts that add new features to the program, or if we look at it differently, they showcase the full potential of Kodi. Add-ons are developed by independent Developers and are available through Repository. In most cases, installing them requires adding a Repository or Repo source and then installing it through a zip file.

The Kodi development team keeps aloof from most independent developers. And that’s because many of the Add-ons have been accused of promoting copyrighted content such as movies, series, or even live programs. The distance held by the Kodi development team is natural yet maybe partly hypocritical. According to the representatives, Kodi is a sophisticated program that helps you organize and promote your legally acquired collection of Movies and Rows. In fact, it concerns a few privileged people who can afford to spend $ 2,000-6,000 a year on movies and series, and have never heard of similar services in their life, such as Torrent.

In reality, add-ons are no different from specialized Search Engines. They present a collection using services like IMDB or Trackt and, once you choose, they look for available streams on the Internet. We will not go into the process of analyzing whether and to what extent a Kodi add-on may be considered illegal based on these properties. If that is the case, then the CEO’s of search engines, such as Google and Bing, are going to be in a bind. Conducting a test, we found out that the same theme search through Kodi gave us 220 choices while Google Search 11,250+.

However, the purpose of the article is not that. We are not legal protection specialists and we would advise you, to seek advice from a Legal Advisor depending on your country. The purpose of this article is to update the add-ons process and their compatibility with the new version of Kodi. The editors of our Magazine are not in a position to know the legitimacy of the content of these add-ons, and they bear no responsibility whatsoever. The decision to install and use them is clearly yours.

Install & Launch Kodi

For any device, download the corresponding installation file here..


If you install the Kodi 18 Leia on an Android device from the Play Store, it will ask for two licenses; in the first one, you choose continue


and in the second, ALLOW


Installing add-ons

Step One – Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

You will need to perform this step only once, and you do not need to repeat it every time you install an add-on.

From the central tab of Kodi, go to Settings




Add-ons  -> Enable Unknown sources




Unknown Sources have been allowed


Step Two – Installing Resources and Activating Add-Ons

Go back to settings and File manager


Add source and double click




Paste the corresponding URL from the ones listed in the list below with compatible add-ons.

For example, we will add the source of Atlas addon

Please make sure there are no spaces before or after the URL

Name the source as you like; in the example, we inserted grecotm

click “OK”

click OK again

The Source has been added to our list

Then, go back to the Main Panel in the Add-ons, and click the top left-hand icon that looks like an open box

Install from zip file

choose the source you added

Most add-ons have their own Repository. We must first install the repository

We just wait for the addon to turn on. It may take up to a few minutes for the activation to appear. We will see the confirmation at the top right of the screen.

Install from repository

We select the Repository that includes the addon that we want to install.

Testing and malfunctions

With a “clean” Android Kodi 18.2 installation we did not have the slightest problem installing and setting add-ons, beyond the network that could not recognize it.

Until Kodi 17 Krypton, Kodi’s smb client only supported SMB v1. An update of win10 disabled smb v1 by default , removing support for this security void (https://support.microsoft.com/…/smbv1-is-not-installed-by-d…) creating problems with kodi 17 users under win10


Kodi 18 Leia now has default SMBv2 / 3 client that is faster and safer.

Read the devs response to a related network non-display query on Kodi 18 …


In Windows 10, check if  the smbv1 server is on :

Go to Control Panel (to find it, go to the taskbar ,on the taskbar, type “control panel”)  then select “Control Panel”> Programs> Programs and Features> Turn on and off Windows features>

in the Windows Features dialog box  go to “SMB 1.0 / CIFS File Sharing Support” and look for “SMB 1.0 / CIFS Server” mark that selection and > click OK.


In Kodi 18.1 Leia enable SMB v2 / 3 Client :

Settings> Services> change the “Level of settings” in the lower left to “For specialists”> SMB Client and look to

Minimum protocol version … SMBv2

Maximum protocol version … SMBv3

One thing that does not work with SMBv2 / 3 is the network browsing. SMBv2 + only affects file browsing by the server. When files are added, it works normally.

So you should add the SMB server as a source to the Kodi file manager:

System> File manager> Add source> Search> Add network location and fill in

Server IP, server name, or your network name

Your username (username)

Your network password

click “OK”.

You can now play or add to the your Kodi Library, media files from your network (https://kodi.wiki/view/Adding_video_sources). Also, “Install from zip file” now has “smb: // your network name” added to the available locations.

The “Wolf Pack” “Legion ‘N” and “Monster Munch” installed only using VPN. We used IPVanish sellecting a server from France. That does not meen that only with this country will it work as if it is not absolute if it is a general problem or it only happened to us during our testing. Those who have installation problems on these 3 add-ons can use VPN

The MP3 Streams add-on on Kodi 18.1 continues and crashes with Play Now, when you select an entire Album. Use the Browse option that can play the tracks individually.
But neither in Kodi 17.6 plays this option correctly. It actually starts playing the album and after a few seconds it goes to another piece. So the problem is generally the same.


There is still a serious issue in terms of backup / restore in binary addons on different platforms but also in the same with different architecture.



Below is the list of compatible and incompatible add-ons with the new Kodi 18 Leia.


AliveGR Upgraded recently!


Destiny New!
(There is no official repository)




Jor El




KodiBae Exodus

Here, you will need to download the zip directly and, selecting Install from Zip, to locate the file in your Download Folder.




Exodus Redux


 Maverick TV


The Magic Dragon


















At the Flix








Boxset Kings Reborn


Movie Theater Butter




Super Favourites

MetalliQ / Chappa AI

According to r / addons4Kodi subreddit, a new version or Fork of the Addition is in progress.

HDhomerun – Not updated yet

Quasar – Prefer to use  Elementum to be on the safe side.

MP3 Streams – Unfortunately, it crashes when you select an entire Album.


Change Skins

Skins are add-ons that contain icons, backgrounds, fonts, shortcuts, and more that completely change the way  Kodi Look and Feel . They are created by independent developers and are available through Repository. In most cases, installing them requires adding a Repository or Repo, and then installing it through a zip file. Most are available at the Kodi Repository and is already installed on our device.

To download and install one of these, you must go to the Kodi main screen in Settings



Skin and again Skin at the right of the screen. The default skin is Estuary

Select  Get more…

Choose one from the list. We tried  Aeon MQ 8

You will see the Downloading screen

When finished the selected  Skin will be available for

Download as many as you want and then choose one for Installation. Click on the selected Skin

There is a chance that during the installation some extra add-ons may be required. Select Yes

You can always return to the Default skin. Select  OPTION / SKIN / SKIN and choose the default Estuary or try a new one from the list.

New Skins

Aeon MQ 8




A Brief Wrapup

Code City will continue to support the effort of both Kodi’s official development team and Independent Developers’. We do not do this because we support the illegal trafficking of copyrighted content. On the contrary, we do not desire it. Having said that, we believe that entertainment must be available to everyone, not to a selected few. Kodi, pretty much like Torrent, exerts pressure so that prices drop and so that you do not have to pay up to 30% of your income to watch your favorite series, a good movie or sports events. That is why we will update this list as regularly as possible. Nevertheless, the decision on whether to install these Addons is purely yours.

Under no circumstances do we advocate services that require a subscription to provide Extra HD Links or illegal IPTV services.

At this point, we should express our thanks to the Greek KODI Forum – Greek KODI Community on Facebook for their valuable input on the subject. If you have any problems installing or customizing them, the team members will be glad to help.


Protect your privacy without losing connection speed with a trustworthy VPN service like IPVanish. Find the plan meeting your needs here




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