How to Shut Down Background Applications on your Android TV Box


Today we’re exploring ways of shutting down apps running in the background of your Android TV Box. Unless you turn off applications running in the background, you will be using excess memory that may result in slow menu rotation or applications crashing.

Android TV Boxes usually handle memory well, however, apps could sometimes be buggy so they keep running in the background.

1. Close background applications with a remote control

It is easy enough to close background applications depending on the remote control you use; press and hold the button with the three horizontal lines. In some remote controls, it could read Menu and have three horizontal lines.

Once pressing the button, all applications running in the background will be displayed in windows.

Using the arrow keys, scroll to the application you want to close and click the right arrow button.

Clicking on the right-arrow button, the app will close- repeat for every app you want to shut down.


This does not work on some custom ROMs for some Android Tv Boxes, which use the menu key to add or remove shortcuts from the main screen (launcher).


2. Close the background applications with a keyboard

You can use any type of keyboard from the small to the large USB ones available on the market.
Press and hold the ALT key.


While holding down the ALT key, press the TAB key once so that background apps can be displayed

Continue holding the ALT key and press the back arrow button


Continue pressing the back arrow to close any application running in the background.


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