I Know This Much is True


We are not talking about a series that you will have fun with on the weekend. It is no coincidence that more than 20 years have passed since the publication of “I Know This Much is True” (1998), in order for someone to “dare” and “translate” it into a screenplay, despite the fact that the rights had already been sold by then.

Wally Lamb’s masterpiece is, after all, a voluminous work, with a story within another, with intensely true and complex characters, and with a constant movement towards both the future and the past. But that did not discourage  Mark Ruffalo take the 900 pages of the book and meet the screenwriter and director Derek Cianfrance.

You Don’t Just Give Up on the People You Love

With the help from the author , and with more than 600 hours of filming, the 6 episodes of the series aired on May 10 from HBO.

Ruffalo will definitely garner other nominations for his double performance as Dominick and Thomas Bridsey, with many believing that this time he will return with the award.

At a time when quality has taken a back seat, it’s worth a look. Even if your Netflix collection might seem a bit poor after that .

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