How to Add EPG in Perfect Player


In this article, we presented the Perfect player. Today, we will see how to add EPG on our channels

The most up-to-date EPG sources exist here

In Windows Perfect Player Settings, add your EPG source like in the pic below:

In Android, go to Perfect Player Settings

Select “General”

“EPG ” and write your xml source url

In “Advanced”

Enable “Channels management mode”

Make one or more groups with the channels you want to paste EPG

Once you’re finished with it, go to “Advanced” again

Disable Channels management mode

Then, again from “Advanced”

enable “EPG Assign mode”

and go to the group you made.

To the left, you will see the channels and to the right, the channels from the EPG source- you have to match them. Use the right arrow to scroll through the channels, scroll down the EPG channels and press OK to do the matching.

Once you’ve finished with it, you go to “Advanced” and turn off “EPG Assign mode”. Then, you will have EPGs on all the channels that have been paired.



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