How to Format the Hard Drive on Beelink SEA I

As mentioned already, Beelink SEA I is the first android TV box we can actually install an internal 2.5″ hard disk to increase the total capacity. For the moment, the new hard disk will be recognized as an external USB, something that the next update might fix.

During our test, the Beelink SEA I detected the files in our hard drive without any problems, but today we are going to format our newly installed Hard drive through Beelink SEA I Settings, in case we want to delete, format and mount the new hard drive from the start.

Here’s the process:

Go to settings, find Storage and USB and click on the hard drive


In the USB Drive tab, we can see all our files etc


Click on the top right on SETTINGS


Click on Configuration.


the following tab asks us to confirm the configuration by clicking on DELETE DATA AND FORMAT. However, it lets you know that once you do that all of your data will be deleted from the hard drive.


a new tab will pop up showing the progress of the process in %.

Click Finish to complete the process.

The software version used for this article was 105MO.


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