Fallout 76

Coming 14 November - Pre-orders are Now Open!


Fallout 76 is finally here! It becomes available on November 14 for PC, XBOX One and PS4 from Bethesda Games Studio which comes with its own Launcher. The game won’t be available on Steam, though. Orders are now open and offer Break-It Early Test Application (BT) for certain hours per day and per console. To be honest, I totally fancied the Trailer featuring Little House on the Prairie in a Post-Apocalyptic version.

A Few Words about Fallout 76

This is the prequel of the Fallout series and takes us to 2102, only 25 years after the nuclear disaster. The shelters open and the first people are climbing to the surface. The game is strictly Online Multilayer; you can enter the ruined, post-apocalyptic environment of West Virginia either individually or in groups, while every human being will also be a real player in the game.

The series fans will surely notice the game’s changing character, which may not be accepted by everyone. Bethesda is trying a new approach to the game with some Battle Royale touches. This summer, an open discussion between friends of the Fallout series and Bethesda Game Studio contributors took place.

Pre-orders have now become available on the Bethesda Games Studio website for all platforms as well as on the online stores of XBOX One and PS4.


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