Easy Way to Unroot your TV Box


We had previously talked, in this article, about one of the various ways there are to unroot your Android device. Now enough Android TV Box like the Tanix TX3 Max and A95X Max add the superuser option to their firmware. For that, first of all go to settings / more settings


and see below, if there is a superuser, and select it


then select  close root access


If there is no superuser in your Android TV Box, the easiest way is by installing an application!

First you can install impactor unroot from Here, run the program and select unroot. Then from the TV Box settings go where it says superuser you choose hide and then restart your TV Box.

If the impactor does not make your device unrooted, then install  busybox from HERE and run the program. The program will detect the files that you need to select and delete. The app will guide you through the process .

We must give credits to Giorgos Hatzinikitas for sharing with us the tests he performed on his Tanix TX3.


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