Devil May Cry 5 Gets Greedy

DMC 5 Microtransactions Cause a Lot of Reactions


The new DMC is coming back to PS4 with a new addition featuring the previous DMC 4 star Nero, and the crowd favorite, grizzled and (even more?) gray-haired Dante. Even though the gameplay seems fast and visceral, just the way we like it, the developers seem to be trying to get a little bit more out of our wallets, once again.

In the gameplay trailer, we saw the Golden Statues, a kind of shop where you can upgrade your gear and moveset. However, in the latest game, we also find a tab that enables players to buy more in-game currency (Red Orbs) with actual real-world money.  Now, for all those that don’t remember, DMC 4 had microtransactions as well, implemented in the DLC, where players could buy Red Orbs, Blue Orbs, and Proud Souls. This is a completely different story, though.

In the case of Devil May Cry 5, microtransactions have been put into place as part of the main game; a single-player game that, mind you, comes with a 60-euro (or dollar) price tag. This is very reminiscent of last year’s Shadow of War, an undoubtedly great game that was undermined by the bad reputation it gained due to the exact same reason. In the main, the problem with single-player games and microtransactions is this: such games are scaling the difficulty level to acquire the in-game currency, in order to force players to buy using their own money. This comes with ridiculous farming times in order to get those flashy (and, of course, expensive) final moves, weapons, armor, etc. So, you don’t want to waste, say, 10 – 60 hours on grinding? No problem! Just pay a tad more, and you can get them all. Players refusing to cough up some more cash will just end up putting A LOT more time and effort into the game. In my opinion, this is a bit sad to see. Single-player story games that cost 60 dollars do not need additional charges, that be microtransactions, added content (DLC) or loot boxes. If the developers wanted to grant players the freedom to experiment with everything the game had to offer, the best way to go would be to either better use the in-game currency towards the late game, or to provide an easy mode, where players would acquire currency much faster and easier.

We hope to see Devil May Cry return to the forefront, with the very best conditions possible, without controversies and debates. Devil May Cry 5 is about to launch for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows, on March 8, 2019.

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