Bootcard Maker for TVbox with Amlogic Processor


Βootcard Maker is a very useful tool if we want to experiment with our Android TV Box. You can flash a new custom ROM, just make sure it is compatible with your Box and meets its specifications. You can even install an SD card with LibreElec.

We will need the custom ROM file in .img format, an SD card, and our Windows PC.

At this point, we must say that when talking about custom ROM, we are talking about an Android-based operating system that contains additions or deficiencies compared to its regular version.

Please find the Bootcard Make version V2.0.2  here.

Unzip the file and run it. At first, it will be in Chinese, so click on the top left and change the language into English. Then, close the program and open it again to save your language choice.

In the first field, please choose SD card

At the erase_bootloader, we unmark the “yes”

Go to open and choose the custom ROM file in the .img format we downloaded.

Press Make to begin the process

Be careful not to close the Bootcard Maker until you see the following success message!

Now, the SD card is ready. Insert in the TV box and push the reset button using a toothpick (sometimes located in the AV port or at the bottom of your device). At the same time, turn the power on. The process will start.


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