Battlefield V Firestorm – Battle Royale Mode


Since March 25, EA with the new Battlefield V Update has also launched the Battle Royale mode, Firestorm. Needless to say they have done excellent work. The action takes place in the snowy areas of Halvøy.

64 players fall into the battle, either in groups of four or Solo, with the sole goal of ultimate victory. A fire ring constantly restricts the battlefield. Players have plenty weapons to choose, even flares to order bombing of specific areas, 17 different vehicles and many interesting features.

Excellent Gameplay, and finally a purely “War” Battle Royale, without unnecessary and somewhat childish elements that we usually encounter in similar modes. The company has announced that the Firestorm will evolve continuously, with new features and improvements,  together with an initial intoduaction of Duos Mode in April, part of Chapter 3: Trial by Fire. With Firestorm, the company offers Battlefield V at 29.99€ for PC, την Delux Editon for PS4 at 34.99€ and 45.00€ for the XBOX

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