ATV Launcher


ATV Launcher is a very good “skin” for shaping your TV Box home screen while it doesn’t have any special features or heavy graphics.

You can easily customize it as you like.

Configuration Options

Hold ok on the remote control and then select Move to move an app or widget, four arrows on the application shortcut will be activated, showing that it can move in all four directions.

In the three frames shown in the image below, you can easily specify whichever application widget or application you want.

Press the ok button on your remote control and select the Pick Widget.

Select the widgets or apps you want by moving with the arrow keys on the remote control, and confirm with ok.

You can also change the order of the application shortcuts by pressing the menu key on your remote control and then selecting Move. Four arrows will then be activated. Once you have selected the desired position, press Ok on the remote control to turn off the arrow keys.

If you don’t like the pre-installed background for the ATV Launcher, you can change it by pressing the menu button on your remote control again, but select Wallpaper this time.

and then Select Wallpaper

Please note that the image you’ll set for background must be in a folder on your internal storage rather than on a USB or SD card.

Why it is so Useful:

We’ve already introduced you to A5X Max in this article. Those of you who have the Android 8.1 Oreo software version on A5X Max, will notice that, for some reason, there is no Kodi option in the home menu or Apps shortcut on the home menu. The ATV Launcher will solve this problem, which will presumably be fixed in a next software upgrade.

Also, it is the case that many TV Boxes don’t have a nice original menu or they don’t give you the ability to edit the original menu.

You can download the ATV Launcher here.

What Pro Edition offers

There is also a paid Pro version here with the following key options:

1. Create Folder

2. Hidden Apps

3. In the Applications category:

a. Show Section

b. Show Title

c. Column Count

d. Border Radius

4. The image selection option you set for the background can be located in an external storage folder, i.e on a USB or SD card.


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