Rom Installation in Android TVbox


You must probably have come across forums and blogs saying that Custom ROM is the best for your Android TV Box. The question is how can we install it on our device?

To access all of the files that I’m going to mention in this article, you must register to the Freaktab Forum.

The most common ways to install a Custom Rom on an Android TV Box are basically two. You can either use a Windows PC and a USB male to male cable or an SD Card and the appropriate Windows application.

Depending on the processor your Android TV Box has, namely AMLogic or Rockchip, you’ll find the corresponding applications (tools) for Rom installation.

Here you go then:

AMLogic Tools

Rockchip Tools

We’ve already presented the most useful tools for AMLogic Android Tv Boxes in earlier articles. Please see below:

USB Burning Tool

Bootcard Maker

AMLogic Flasher

The Custom Rom files found in the Freaktab forum are compressed into .zip or .rar, so with the help of 7zip that you can find here, you’ll be able to unzip them.

After unzipping the contents of these files, they will either give us an .iso file or several files, among which, a recovery file and a .zip file. In the first case (iso file), you can use the USB Burning Tool if your Android TV Box has an AMLogic processor. If you have a Rockchip processor, you have to use the Flash Tool (Android Tool v2.42) found here.
You’ll need to install a Driver Tool that you can find here.

In the second case (two or more files), you should format an SD card to fat32 and use the Bootcard Maker to make the SD card ”readable” by the restore menu.

How to get to the Restore Menu

We need to do this by use of a toothpick or small screwdriver that fits into the AV port to lightly press a button inside. In some Android TV Boxes, you will find a hole where the reset button is located.

We’ve connected the HDMI cable and kept pressing continuously (we’ll figure we pushed a button hidden there). Then, we connect the power cord.

Please keep pressing for about 20 seconds, and the following image should normally appear on the TV.

Go to Apply Update from External SDcard and click OK.



Until the process is complete, the power supply must not be interrupted. Once the process is completed, the system will restart itself.

There is an alternative method with the SD card of your Android TV Box which has the option for OTA update under Settings/About.



or UPDATE & BACKUP app in the installed apps


to set a path for the Upgrade file on the SDcard. After clicking Update, you are waiting for the process to finish.



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