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Το Stadia Pro Free for Two Months from Google

Google is trying to promote Stadia despite several problems that occurred. On the occasion of the pandemic, Stadia Pro subscription, with all the free games in the package, such as GRID, Destiny 2: The Collection, and Thumper,  is available…

Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice made an impact from the first moment it came out and is a great adventure with intense action. It's no coincidence that it has literally swept the awards for 2019 in many areas and most notably as the best Action /…

Gears Tactics – Pre-Order Now

Gears Tactics is a fast paced, turn-based strategy game, based on the successful series Gears Of War. The story takes place 12 years before the first Gears Of War, and the goal is simple. Build a team and battle hordes of monsters. The…

Stadia Premiere Edition is Here

Google's new Online Gaming platform has been launched since November 19th. Google's bold and expensive move, called Stadia, is about to change the gaming realm by eliminating the need for Game consoles and PC. For those who don't know…

Hell Let Loose – Early Access

The Second World War through a multiplayer FPS game. It is an interesting experiment by Black Matter, a company that has been developing the game for almost three years now. Hell Let Loose takes place into a fairly large Battlefield,…

XBOX- Project Scarlet and Halo Infinite

We have already talked about Microsoft's announcement about the XBOX Game Pass for PC ,  which was finalized at E3 a few days ago at the price of 9.90. In the same event, we have the first presentation for Project Scarlet, the new XBOX…

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