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Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the new Squad Based Battle Royale game from Respawn Entertainment, is now available for free on PS4, XBOX and PC. Within the first 8 hours of release, it has reached one million players and does look quite interesting and fun.…

Just Cause 4

Rico's adventures continue in Just Cause 4. The quite successful franchise is now being established in South America. Through forests, mountains, deserts, storms, and under extreme weather conditions, Avalanche Studios are promising intense…


A few days ago, in Mexico City, Microsoft organized the XO18, an event dedicated to XBOX and Console enthusiasts. Cleverly chosen, just before Black Friday and the celebrations, the date had multiple goals. First, to entice those undecided…

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is finally here! It becomes available on November 14 for PC, XBOX One and PS4 from Bethesda Games Studio which comes with its own Launcher. The game won't be available on Steam, though. Orders are now open and offer Break-It…

Humble WB Games™ Classics Bundle

A very nice offer from Humble Bundle with classic WB Games™ and priced at $1. This offer is valid for about ten days. The three following options are available: For purchases from $1 (0.88 €) and above, it offers Scribblenauts Unlimited…

Game Of Thrones Conquest

WB, with its recent announcement, seems to meet the demands of many players of the popular strategy game, ''Game of Thrones Conquest'' adding dragons to their arsenal. Players will be able to get a ''Dragon Egg'', hatch it, and, later on,…

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VPN Cyber Week

We have promised to always tell you what we believe and we will continue to do so. We consider the protection of personal data perhaps the biggest issue that…


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Castle Rock

There is no need to say much about a thriller signed by Stephen King and J.J. Abrams. Catle Rock is a series that…


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